Best Baby Shower Thank You Wording Ideas     

When writing thank you notes for everyone who attended your baby shower, you have to be careful with every baby shower thank you wording you will choose. A well-written thank you note is enough to show your guests how much you appreciate their participation in the event. Here are some ideas that can help you get started with your thank you notes.

Write the notes by hand

Instead typing the notes in your computer, put some extra effort into writing them by hand. Handwritten notes seem more personal and sincere than printed notes are. Do not forget to take things slow and to do your best in keeping your handwriting neat.

Emphasize your gratitude

If you want to show your guests how happy you are with their support, refrain from using the word I too much. Use the word you more to stress your appreciation for your loved ones.

You can also show them how much you appreciate their support by mentioning their gifts in your thank you notes. Try to come up with baby shower thank you wording that can express how genuinely happy you are with their gifts.

Include some treats

If you have some extra budget for your thank you notes, include some baby shower thank you gifts. Simple treats and knick-knacks like chocolates, braided bracelets, or engraved picture frames will do.

Observe simple etiquette

While writing your thank you letters, always remember that it does not have to be too long or too profound. In fact, a simple and concise thank you letter is easier to remember than a long and rambling one. Be sincere with every word you say and try your best to send your message across.

Try to send your thank you letters a week or two after your baby shower. Do your best to pick the best baby shower thank you wording as soon as possible. Remember, writing a baby shower thank you note is something you need to take seriously.

Look for simple poems

Include baby shower thank you poems to spice up your thank you notes. You can either write your own original piece or look for a famous literary piece that can help you express your gratitude. Here is one popular baby shower poem that you can use.

Nine months is quite a long wait,

And it hasn't always been fun.

Thanks to good friends like you,

At last, I am almost done!

You can mention poems at the start of your baby shower thank you wording or at the end of your note.

Include some meaningful quotes

Baby shower thank you wording ideas also include the use of inspirational quotes. You can check the Internet for some quotes or add a specific line of your own. Here is a popular thank you quote by Oscar Wilde.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. 

This simple quote is perfect for your thank you notes if you want to show them how glad you are with their efforts to attend your party. It will make them realize that their presence is what really matters, not their gifts.

Use fill-in-the blank samples

If you have no enough time to prepare a handful of thank you notes, a fill-in-the-blank  sample will do the trick. Here is a baby shower thank you sample that you might find useful.

Thank you for the (thoughtful, meaningful, delightful) gift.

I am sure my baby will love it.

Thank you for supporting me all the way.

(Sincerely, Love, Warm Thanks)

(Your name and signature).

Make it a team effort

If your hands are already swollen from writing dozens of baby shower thank you wording notes, you can also ask your partner or other family m to help you. Sharing your gratitude with your friends will be a lot more fun if you do it with your partner.

After using these baby shower thank you wording samples, you can easily come up with sincere notes that show how much you care for your generous and thoughtful friends.


Get great tips and ideas on baby shower thank you wording. Feel free to use any wording samples for your personal use. Have fun!

Having trouble coming up with your own wording? Below you will find additional baby shower thank you wording ideas that you can use for your thank you notes.

We thank you from the bottom of ours hearts for your thoughtful gifts and making our day so much fun!

With love,

Mom & Baby [insert name]

Thank you poem for baby boy or girl

I'd like to say, though I'm not here yet
thank you for the gifts I'll get
And thank you from my parents, too
for all the gifts in pink and blue
My closet was empty, my belongings were few
but that's all changed now, thanks to you!
author unknown